Move Semantics and Other C++11 Stuff

Posted on Mon 19 November 2018 in c++ • Tagged with c++

Move Semantics and C++11

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A couple of notes about TensorFlow, Docker, and Data Formatting

Posted on Fri 22 June 2018 in linux • Tagged with tensorflow, docker, machine learning

A Small Post About Tensorflow

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What the heck is volatile anyway?

Posted on Fri 16 March 2018 in embedded • Tagged with embedded c++ c

What's the point of the volatile keyword

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Posted on Thu 15 March 2018 in programming • Tagged with c++ functional FP

A couple of quick thoughts about FP vs OOP

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Came Up Fast And Got the Benz

Posted on Thu 01 March 2018 in car • Tagged with cars mercedes diy mechanics

About my 2000 S500

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Hacktoberfest! Coding for a free shirt.

Posted on Thu 12 October 2017 in web-dev • Tagged with django web-dev python

About hacktoberfest.

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Posted on Thu 12 October 2017 in cad • Tagged with diy cad fun

About tinkercad.

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Installing Tensorflow! Notes to self.

Posted on Thu 05 October 2017 in tensorflow • Tagged with tensorflow docker python machine-learning

How I installed tensorflow - notes to self so I dont forget.

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Maintaining State In Django

Posted on Sun 13 August 2017 in web-dev • Tagged with django web-dev python

How to pass information through a django

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Documenting What You Do

Posted on Tue 20 June 2017 in sample • Tagged with documentation

A little note to self about the importance of documenting progress.

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